Inbal Dance Theater Company (IDTC)

9 performers / 50 min

Shadur's new work follows the journey of several characters through an ever-changing, shapeshifting, in nite space.
Much like an archeological process – through scraping, isolation, exposure and concealment - Shadur attempts to uncover the origins of steps, to read the physical score of a society coming into being and to examine a community's movement in space and time. The act of stripping a movement from its origins and contexts leaves it exposed, vulnerable, anticipating reconstruction.

The group intertwines within itself, creating a landscape while at the same time immersing in it, breaking through a collection of lithographs that moves forward in time, thus immortalizing itself. Trapped, yet constantly in motion, the characters are slowly stripped of their collective and historical state and unravel into minor, personal movement.


Photos by Kfir Bolotin

Dancers Inbal Dance Theatre:

Shane Elliot Scopatz, Ofri Lehmann-Mantell, Gal Gorfung,

Shmuel Halfon, Chen Nadler, Almog Kidron, Tomer Pistiner, Shai Kopel

Choreography Noa Shadur

Rehearsal Directors  Inbar Nemirovsky Michal Ben-Bassat

Light Design Yoav Barel

Music Shahar Amarilio, Charlie Megira, Oren Ambarchi, Shifted

Costumes Danny Kalmar

Stage Management Michal Ben-Bassat

Technical Management Asaf Ashkenazi

Production Tamir Swissa