Tmuna Festival, Tel Aviv

2 Performers / 25 min.

SHIFTERS  Almog Loven, Adi Boutrous, Photo: Louiz Green

SHIFTERS Almog Loven, Adi Boutrous, Photo: Louiz Green

SHIFTERS deals with a relationship that functions in an eternally recurring mechanism. It is a dialogue that is simultaneously biological and symbolic, moving between co-operation and separation, where the characters operate as if under a religious evil spirit, that answers certain mental needs and is at times nothing more than a molecular chemical reaction that perpetuates the inner dialogue
that is at the basis of the work. 
The two persona stick to their target as if under a spell and their belief exists despite lack of authority. They move one following the other, creating with their bodies a segment of land in a fragile world. 

Choreography: Noa Shadur 

Performers: Adi Boutrous, Almog Loven 

Original Music: Shahar Amarilio 

Rehearsal Director: Iris Marko 

Producer and Assistant Choreographer: 
Roy Bedarshi

Costumes: Doron Ashkenazi

Duration: 25 Min.

Supported by: The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport