Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Theater, Tel-Aviv

2 Performers / 20 min.

A tribute to films of Russ Meyer and to detective magazines from the previous century, showing situations based on true crime scenes, carefully directed, bringing together danger and seduction. The gap between the actual tragic reality of death and the melodramatic representation of it, as well as the artistic manipulation which undermines the distinction between the artificial and the authentic emotion. Dealing with the cliché and melodrama as means to emphasis our helplessness facing death. 



Choreography: Noa Shadur

Performers: Andreas Merk, Alex Shmurak

Set Design: Nitzan Rayev

Costumes: Tanya Jones

Soundtrack Design: Yaye s. Mehari

Artistic Directors: Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor

Duration: 20 mins.