Premiere Summer Dance Festival 2011, Suzanne Dellal Theatre, Tel-Aviv

The creation deals with popular representations of female sexuality throughout history, using the evolution of the female role model in musical film genre as a correspondence. In Calypso, Four women are trapped in a mythical order which is constantly being updated - from Greece to Hollywood, IDF to Euro Trash. The perfect world they create does not belong to them. Glamour at times dims out, and occasionally sparkles in all its glory.

An eclectic soundtrack features sweet melody from legendary Hollywood Musical The Band Wagon, Heavy Metal, Pop hits from the 90s, and contemporary electronic sounds.

Choreography: Noa Shadur 

Performers: Einat Betsalel,
Inbar Nemirovsky, Rosalind Noctor,
Osnat Kelner/ Ori Lenkinski

Costumes & Styling: Tanya Jones

Soundtrack Design: Shahar Amarilio

Artistic collaborator: Andreas Merk

Rehearsal Director: Iris Marko

Set Design: Noa Shadur & Shiri Golan

Duration: 45 mins.