We Do Not Torture People

Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Theater, Tel-Aviv

1st Prize No Ballet International Choreography Competition (Ludwigshafen, Germany).

3 Performers / 20 min.


The title of the work originates from a declaration recited in the U.S. military, which exposes the double moral standards that operate in the large power systems and control mechanisms in democratic countries. It aims to explore human condition in an age of mutual terrorism, established and independent, rational and unreasoned. It evolves around fragile bodies confronting a technological reality that questions not only our physicality, but also our fantasies.

in a fragile territory where appearance of personal freedom and choice are at stake, an under-layer stream of threat is being exposed. The characters function in a mechanical space, manufacturing colorful symbols of bravery and courage, at the same time as they strive for human intimacy.

The three dancers of We Do Not Torture People are at once innocent kids and dangerous militants. Their minimalist movements hint at a deep desire for order in the face of chaos. As their bodies meet in space, their intentions begin to muffle.


Choreography: Noa Shadur  

Performers: Almog Loven,
Einat Betsalel, Or Hakim

Original Music: Shahar Amarilio

Costumes & styling: Tanya & Joanna Jones

Rehearsal Director: Iris Marko

Assistant Choreographer: Roy Bedarshi

Light Design: Dani Pishof

Artistic Director: Ronit Ziv

Duration: 20 mins.

Supported by

The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport