Entropy is based on dance compositions by Noa Eshkol, an esteemed anti-institutional artist who co-invented the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN)

5 Performers / 50 min

Entropy, 2015. photo by Gadi Dagon

Entropy, 2015. photo by Gadi Dagon

“Entropy, with its abstract aesthetic, smoldering sensuality, intricate and precise formal language and intense physicality is a striking, alluring and thought-provoking work. It’s the kind of dance piece that holds the viewer in thrall, mesmerized by the forces and emotions it arouses”Read more (Ayelet Dekel, MidnightEast, February 2015)


Entropy is based on dance compositions by Noa Eshkol, an esteemed anti-institutional artist who co-invented the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN). Created in the 1950’s, this notation system allows for the mapping of bodily movement in space through geometric values: Movement is equated to matter that can be measured, ordered and quantified. A great believer in the strong ties between art and science, Eshkol developed a deep connection between harsh thematic formation, poetic imagery and intriguing musicality.

Through her study and interpretation of Eshkol’s original dance compositions, Shadur in her present work re-interprets and challenges Eshkol’s conception of movement. She adapts the emotional, thematic and physical tension of Eshkol’s original work in an effort to reveal the illusory nature of order in movement: The organization and policing of the body are belied by thinly veiled chaos.

Entropy was produced by The Israeli Lottery Council for the Arts as part of the Following Footsteps Project, in collaboration with Tel-Aviv Museum of Modern Art. The Project wishes to shed new light on works created from the 1950’s until the 1990’s by the choreographers who laid the foundations for Israeli contemporary dance.


"a fascinating interpretation of the Eshkolian philosophy and a wonderful realization of a project balancing respectful tradition and new creative development.”                                                                 (Tal Levine, Mouse, February 2015)


“If composition of dance is to reach artistic maturity like that of music, it would have to explore movement in itself. At the heart of this exploration is a search for structures rather than emotion, often required for artistic composition. Emotion is probably the inner drive for composition as well as the result captured by the spectator; it is part of life, it accompanies every action; yet this does not imply that emotion is the foundation stone for composition of an art of movement.“
N. Eshkol

Entropy, 2015. Tel-Aviv Museum of Art.


Choreography: Noa Shadur

Performers: Einat Betsalel, Aviv Horvitz,
Ofir Yannai, Yuval Gargir, Hadar Yunger Harel,
Ilana Bellahsen

Opening Performance:                               Chamber Dance Group- established by Noa Eshkol: Racheli Nul Kahana & Ruti Sela

Producer & A.Choreographer: Roy Bedarshi

Space Design: Dan Hasson

Music by Mohammad, Powell

Sound Design: Shahar Amarilio

Rehearsal Director: Naomi Perlov, Niv Marinberg

Costumes: Joanna Jones

Light Design & Technical Manager:         Danny Pishof – Magenta

Artistic Director Following Footsteps ProjectNaomi Perlov

Duration: 50 mins.


Supported by:

The Israeli Lottery Council for the Arts

The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport